“National New” Political Party changes its name

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The National New Party (NNP) is changing its name to the Mongolian National Democratic Party (MNDP). The change was approved at the party’s assembly on Wednesday.
At the assembly, the party also elected M.Enkhsaikhan as its head with 95 percent of the vote. B.Tsogtgerel was elected deputy head of the party, and N.Battsereg was elected secretary general.
Delegates discussed Mongolia’s political situation over the past two decades, noting that the situation has not improved due to corruption and unfair elections. They also criticized the MPP for establishing a coalition government, saying the party that wins the election should rule alone. They said the coalition government has effectively silenced opponents of the MPP.
The MNDP and the MPRP have decided to establish a coalition for the next election. MNDP officials say other organizations may join the coalition as well.
MPRP head N.Enkhbayar attended the assembly and read a report. He stated that the MPRP is ready to join with any political force for fairness. MNDP and MPRP officials are scheduled to meet on Thursday at the Chinggis Khaan complex to discuss their new coalition.

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