Deputy Prime Minister Visits China

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Li Keqiang, a Deputy Minister of State council and member of Standing committee on Political bureau of China met N.Altankhuyag, a Deputy Minister and head of Democratic party of Mongolia, on September 13 in Beijing.
Li Keqiang thanked N.Altankhuyag for visiting China and said that “Wide core interest of Mongolia and China are friendly neighbors traditional collaboration”. Established by the two sides strategic partners relationship on June of 2011 has become an important symbol of Mongolia and China’s development, determining future trends and bringing the ties development into a newer level, he said. To boost our relation, “we need to make regular high level visits and activate political talks and increase a mutual confidence; secondly, to strengthen a cooperation in social sphere and to exploit historical advantages and the ties opportunities; thirdly, to activate the relations between legislature, parties, youth and women’s organizations, to improve a collaboration in nature environment, culture, humanitarian spheres; and, fourthly, to activate multilateral contracts and agreements and protect public rights,” he suggested. Li Keqiang added China attaches a high importance to its poitical ties with Mongolia, “willing to strengthen relations with Mongolia’s Democratic and other parties, to share experiences, to create wealthy societies”.
In response, N.Altankhuyag said that mutual high level visits are becoming regular, political mutual confidence is strengthening, a cooperation is running in all sectors, and that the Demparty by studying China’s reforms and experiences influences on Mongolia’s development rate, activates joint projects, strengthens the two countries’ strategic relations development in all sectors. Present at the consultative meeting were Wang Zirui, a head of the Foreign affairs of Central committee of Communist party of China; Ts.Sukhbaatar, an Ambassador of Mongolia to China, other officials.

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