Civil Movement opposes Robert Friedland

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Representatives of Civil Movement are protesting Robert Friedland’s ownership of 33 mining licenses. Friedland is the CEO of Ivanhoe Mines, a Canadian mining company. Civil Movement says Friedland has held 28 of the licenses since February 28, 2002, and has renewed them several times. Civil Movement says it is worried because there are reports that the licenses could be sold to Chinese companies.
Civil Movement coordinator B.Khosbayar said the organization is sending a letter to the National Security Council demanding three measures to address the issue: If a foreign company decides to sell a mining license, it must first get the permission of state and local authorities; when a license is sold, the seller must pay a tax on any income from the sale; and foreign companies operating in Mongolia’s mining sector must direct 90 percent of all earnings toward Mongolian development. Civil Movement says it will also send a letter to Robert Friedland protesting the possible sale of his licenses.

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One Response to Civil Movement opposes Robert Friedland

  1. Barry says:

    If Civil Movement was concerned about the possible sale of issued mining licenses to another entity, these issues should have been addressed before issueing the licenses.
    Change them in the future but to go back on your countries word when the deal was struck is bad policy.
    If a new policy is warranted, then there are ways to change those policies for the future.
    Could this happen at TT?
    Or any other mining license?
    Change one change them all.
    Any law passed that would require companies to spend 90% of earnings on Mongolian development is totally rediculous. if it is required of one company it must be required of all companies.
    What are the chances of that happening?
    it is the same problem that is found when companies are required to employ 90% Mongolians. There simply are not that many Mongolians skilled in the needed technologies or possewssing the skills needed to fill many jobs.
    Educate the population, then they can be employed gainfully where needed.
    Out with the old thinking and in with the new.

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