Government plans to build new Railways

Aug 26 • Infrastructure, Mining, News • 631 Views • 2 Comments on Government plans to build new Railways

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The Government took the first step toward a massive new railway project at Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting. Ministers approved the expenditure of USD 55 million to study the feasibility of building new lines totaling about 1,500 km. Under the plan, the following lines would be built: Tavantolgoi-Sainshand, Sainshand-Khuut, Khuut- Choibalsan, Khuut-Numrug, Tavantolgoi-Gashuunsukhait, and Nariinsukhait-Shiveekhuren. The lines would mainly be used to transport coal from Mongolian mines. The cost of actually building the new lines could exceed USD 2.5 million per km. But officials say the new lines would dramatically increase the amount of coal that Mongolia can export.

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2 Responses to Government plans to build new Railways

  1. ROBERT REX says:

    We consider U$2.5 Million to be to much , a more practical cost U$1million per km rail , ballast , sleepers , NO BRIDGES ,NO EARTH WORKS, we have a 70 year history in railway infrastructure, being awarded the Institution of Engineers Engineering Excellence Award 2002 Catagory Infrastructure. A project you are contemplating should do 7km per day finished track , our proposal would not be to use concrete sleepers, we have installed our system Mt Newman Australia 32 tone axle loads 220 GMT PA, All States of Australia, USA, Canada , India,China,Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia,Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh we would offer a sleeper with a resilient fastening system having been in class 1 mainline track for over 40 years,the unique feature of our resiient fastening system is THE SAME CLIP FITS ANY SLEEPER MATERIAL and that same clip FITS ANY RAIL SIZE, it is vandal proof and will not be removed by dragging train gear or track maintenance machinery, the Australian Government could offer 80% finance by way of a loan.We have Chinese Patents
    You have all of our contact details ,Thank you.

  2. Amarsanaa says:

    Robert why don’t you put your address on it

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