Tavantolgoi workers will announce strike

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Over hundred workers of Tavantolgoi said they will announce strike in Umnugobi province. They called the daily press “Daily News” yesterday about their plan to strike. The workers were promised that they will sign labor contract with their employer but failed to do so. The workers also complain that their wages are lower compared with other mining companies.

They complain that: for example, mining operator’s monthly wage at Tavantolgoi is $700 but at other mines they can double their wages. Tavantolgoi workers are not treated as they should be in terms of labor legislation. They also complain that their directors and managers give disinformation to the media and press.

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One Response to Tavantolgoi workers will announce strike

  1. guest says:

    Which Tavan Tolgoi is that? Can anyone be transparent when they write about TT? There is no mining company in Mongolia that abides by law. Not even the well praised Rio Tinto.

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