MPRP Deputy Leader MP Ts.Shinebayar quits its Party

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Ts.Shinebayar announced Monday that he has left the party to concentrate on the Khamug Mongol coalition he founded last December. Mr. Shinebayar denied recent reports that the Khamug Mongol coalition is implementing MPRP policy. He said he wished his colleagues in the MPRP well, and urged them to work for the interests of the Mongolian people.

MP Ts.Shinebayar answered questions to the media about why he quit the MPRP.

Q: Why did you do decide to quit the MRPR?

TS.Shinebayar: It is up to each individual whether join or quit the party. While we were talking about organizing a political party, developing an action plan, and seeking resolution, other people in the party were passing laws and concluding agreements. It is not the time to fight this situation. Previously I said I would quit the deputy chairman position. So now I have decided to quit MPRP. But I will fight more intensively with those who are corrupt.

Q: Have you told your decision to the Head of the MPRP?

Ts.Shinebayar: It is private issue. I do not have to discuss it with the head of the party.

Q: You said in your statement that some people have been threatening your life. Do you know who they are?

Ts.Shinebayar: This has become a common phenomenon since I founded the Khamug Mongol Coalition. I think it is people in authority.

Q: You are working as a Head of Khamug Mongol Coalition. Who do you collaborate with?

Ts.Shinebayar: Of course, I am not alone. There are many senior and junior people who support me.  And day to day the members of the coalition are growing. In generally, everyone should support our coalition’s goals.

Q: It seems very interesting that your eight months’ work has ended without good results. Is there any benefit to spending all that energy?

Ts.Shinebayar: Of course, there is result. Since we have organized MPRP the other members of our party do the daily work in intensified speed. I told the party members to do a lot for the Mongolian people and I believe in them.

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