Ch.Saikhansambuu: Autumn Session has no time to discuss TT and Election law

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Q: The Autumn Session of the SGK is due to begin and can it finalize the law on election this term?

Ch.Saikhansambuu: The two parties just discussed about the law on election and left it without reaching any agreement. I think the law on election is not the most important right now. Daily issues like traffic and pollution is rather important during this period because winter is coming. Mongolian citizens are living under poor conditions and inequality of wealth is becoming a huge issue in this country. There is nobody talking about the pollution when winter is just few months away.

When the August Session starts, there are four main issues to be discussed which include the state budget 2012. Law on election and Tavantolgoi investment agreement will not be discussed in the Autumn Session because there is just not enough time for it. The Parliament should call for an irregular session and discuss the law on election and the TT investment agreement.

Q: What is your opinion on the Tavantolgoi investment agreement?

Ch.Saikhansambuu: We are all waiting for the Government’s new draft and the investment agreement should be made in accordance with the resolution #39 of the Parliament and be beneficial to the Mongolian citizens.

Q: What draft laws are you working on at the moment?

Ch.Saikhansambuu: I have made few amendments to the criminal law by taking national poll. It should go through to the Parliament. I have initiated a law on state prize to control its allocation because it is just becoming worthless prizes. There are other small laws and I am also working on law on membership with MP Z.Altai.

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