O.Tsendsuren: Mongolian and Russian Consortium doesn’t exist

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O.Tsendsuren, who is in charge of the Minerals and Energy matters of the National Security Council, was interviewed.

Q: Lets the start the conversation with the National Security Council?

A: National Security Council (NSC) consists of the President, Speaker of the Parliament and the Prime Minister. They usually make the decisions lead by the President. The National Security Council makes important decisions on economics and other securities issues.

Q: The NSC is studying the Tavan Tolgoi investment agreement at the moment? Could you give more detail on that?

A: Two to three months ago the President Elbegdorj studied the Investment agreement and checked if the agreement followed SGK’s 39th Resolution. At the time it was publicly notified and sent back. Now we have another investment agreement proposal to study and we are working on that. We believe that the investment agreement is faulty again because it is not made in accordance with the Resolution No 39.

Q: What did the government do wrong?

A: The Resolution No 39 states that the Mongolian citizens will get the 10% of Tavan Tolgoi with free of charge but it is not stated in the investment agreement at all.

Q: The tender bid has selected China Russia and USA companies but Japan and South Korea both made complaints to the Mongolian Government?

A: 15 companies took part in the tender bid and it was shortlisted to 6 group or consortiums. This proposal made by the Government says that China, USA, Mongolia and Russia won the tender bid. It is not clear what has happened to the Japanese and Korean consortiums because they were working closely with the Chinese and the Russian Companies. What I also don’t understand is that there is no such legal entity called Mongolian and Russian consortium in the investment agreement proposal. We are waiting for more documents to be crystal clear about the proposal.

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