What happened to Tavan Tolgoi?

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Yesterday was the planned date for the Tavan Tolgoi Investment Agreement to go through the Parliament. The Investment Agreement was not presented to the Speaker of the Parliament yesterday. The IA was to go through the National Security council but they did not have meetings for the last two days.

Ch.Khurelbaatar, Head of the Government Office presented the final draft of the Tavan Tolgoi Investment Agreement to the Government officials earlier this week. Government’s media reported that the Ministers and Government officials rated the jobs of the working group “good”.

There is no new news after the Government announced the 40% for Shenhua China, 24% for Peabody and 36% for Mongolia-Russia Consortium. The Investment agreement should go through the meeting of the National Security Council before being presented to the Parliament. The date for the National Security Council’s meeting is still not clear. It looks like that the NSC will go though the IA at the end of July after the IA is translated and monitored into English, Chinese and Russian. Another unclear issue is when the Parliament will be presented with the IA and will the Parliament approve it–with Shenhua having the dominant share of the pie?

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