Excise tax on oil products declined to zero

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A regular cabinet meeting on Wednesday made a decision to change the size of the excise tax imposed on some oil products. Accordingly, the excise tax imposed on A-80 and AI-92 auto fuels, imported through Sukhbaatar, Zamyn-Uud, Ereentsav and Altanbulag border checkpoints, have been declined to zero from MNT 80.000 and MNT 100.000 per ton, respectively.

The excise tax will not be imposed on diesel fuel in respect of the previous decidion the cabinet made at its previous meeting. The above decision will come into force July 6, 2011. The excise tax imposed on auto and diesel fuels imported through other check points will not be changed. This action is aiming to weaken fuels price boost and to augment fuels supply from Chinese and Russian companies. The biggest supplier Russian “Rosneft” company is still not giving enough fuels to Mongolia.

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