Politics of Prime Minister S.Batbold

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MPs of the Democratic Party have been paying more attention than ever to the works of the PM, MPs and Ministers of the MPP. The coalition government is may be at its end after E.Bat-Uul, dedicated DP politician wants Prime Minister S.Batbold to resign. It is almost okay for the Prime Minister to get bad words from the Dem Party members. The previous target for Dem Party was D.Zorigt, Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy but now they are targeting for the Leader of MPP.

It seems that even the MPP members are just getting to know their Party Leader. Former PM S.Bayar gave his post to S.Batbold, not for his political abilities but his economic knowledge to get the strategic mining deposits into economic circulation. When S.Batbold got his post, the political environment was very warm indeed even with the coalition government. Peaceful era of S.Batbold doing his governmental work and U.Khurelsukh doing the MPP’s political stuff is beyond past.

S.Batbold started his Politics when he changed his Party’s name from MPRP to MPP. He was brave enough to change the whole name of the leading party. Now he has powerful oppositions including DP and newly formed MPRP. Less than a year is left for the 2012 Parliament Election and it still is a day dream for the MPP whether they will win the election or not. The Prime Minister, Economist leader of MPP faces tuff future whether he knowingly started his politics or not.

MPP’s mistake was changing its name when former DP Leader and current President Ts.Elbegdorj was in charge of all the courts and crown agents as he owned the MPRP leader N.Enkhbayar a favor. If MPP foreseen this political issue, they could have used time as their advantage. If they have changed their name on spring of 2012 or just few months before the election the Supreme Court would have no time registering MPRP.

The Prime Minister S.Batbold has to make more political decisions that ever. He also got tons of work including to Tavan Tolgoi investment agreement, building railways, reducing air pollution in UB and many governmental economic projects. What will the Prime Minister do? What will be his politics?

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