Press Conference held on July 1 riot

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Representatives of 30 NGOs and civil movement groups, as well as members of the families of those who died in the July 1 incidents, attended a press conference called by the civil movement “Homeland, fairness and independence” on the anniversary of the violence.

Among others who took part were the chief of the MPRP, N.Enkhbayar, representatives of the Democratic Development Party, the National Khas Movement and the Liberal Party. They said it was not enough to commemorate the date, and the Government must be made to identify the guilty.

Enkhbayar, who was President at the time, said the July 1 demonstration had started in a small way, but the fire lit by a matchstick had turned into a conflagration, fueled by both parties and stoked by incompetent handling by all in authority. His pleas for effective action had been in vain and he had been forced to declare a state of emergency much against his wish, but there was no choice. Flowers were laid at the victims’ memorial after the press conference.

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