MP Bat-Uul wants Prime Minister to resign

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Yesterday, Member of Parliament, E.Bat-Uul informed the press that he will raise an issue about dismissal of the Leader of the MPP, Prime Minister S.Batbold. In the morning of 30th June at the Executive Board meeting of the MPP, It was given direction to decide the draft law dispute by the public opinion poll.

“The Executive Board of The Mongolian People’s Party curbed the discussion of the election law, making the decision solely. I think the Executive Board of MPP did it several times. Who is holding the state power, the Parliament or the Executive Board of the MPP? There is a governing in the state and teaching what law to discuss and how to adopt it. In 1992, when the constitution was adopted, it was chosen to follow the government centered regime. We can’t resist it anymore. Leader of the coalition government, prime minister, is the one who gives permission to the Executive Board of the MPP; mess about the sovereign rights of the Parliament. Concerning this, I urge Prime Minister S.Batbold to resign” MP E.Bat-Uul said to the press.

Besides the constitution, The Mongolian People’s Party is breaking the joint agreement of the coalition government. Bat-Uul will hand over the request to the Speaker of Parliament in few days.

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