MPs submitted official request to dismiss D.Zorigt

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Their principal charge relates to Zorigt’s failure to implement the 57th protocol of Parliament, which wanted Mongolia to retain 50% ownership of the Oyutolgoi deposit. The agreement with the investor does give Mongolia 50% ownership, but only after 30 years of operation.

They also charge the Minister with inaction in starting work on the 5th power plant even after Parliament decided in 2008 to build it. Not having new plant has added to the air pollution in Ulaanbaatar. The Minister is also blamed for talking no action on improving mine safety in Nalaikh, leading to 46 deaths in recent times. They also fault Zorigt for the delay in taking decisions on Tavantolgoi.

According to law, the relevant Standing Committee should discuss the demand and submit its opinion to Parliament within a week and Parliament should reach a decision.

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