Finance Minister worked in Selenge Province

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Finance Minister, S.Bayartsogt visited “Bayangol” iron mine in Yuruu soum during his tour to Selenge aimag last weekend. The mine is owned by ‘Bold tumor Yuruu gol’ LLC which has been exploring and exploiting ore since 2004. The company built 98 km long railway with their own capital. “We employ about 700 workers, 270 of them were employed last year, but there are few professionals among the workers” says M.Ganbaatar, Director of the”Bayangol” mine.

If the company operates with the current capacity, the mine has 50-60 years of reserves says M.Ganbaatar. The mine is to have 1000 employees in order to expand. After visiting the mine, the Minister met with the locals and explained that there are many opportunities for the locals to get good wages by specializing in sectors like mining and agriculture instead of sending their children to Universities for higher education.

The Minister then visited “Bugand-Od” Timber Company in Yuruu soum. The Timber factory has 50 workers but 80 percent of the workers are women. Bayartsogt Minister advised them to install latest technology and produce value added products.

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