Number of economic entities will be counted

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Mongolia counts its economic entities every 5 years and the census will take place on April 15- May 15 reports the National Statistics Committee (NSC). Number of economic entities in Mongolia shows the economic spread, establishes the direction of the development and provides information for regional development plan says B.Badamtsetseg, Head of the Macroeconomics office of the National Statistics Committee.

Preparation work is complete and going according to plan. All the registered economic entities in Mongolia’s territory must take part in this census and some 1400 people are trained to count the entities next month. It is important for the economic entities to obey the rules of the law and register their businesses, stressed the NSC. Managers of the entities should be ready to provide their information during the one month period of the census.

Mongolia counted its economic entities and businesses in 1991, 1994, 1998 and 2006. The counting of 2011 is the 3rd complex census. Economic entities are also counted annually. Last year 72933 businesses were registered of which 40 thousands are very active and others are either inactive or suspended.

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    i need to find an information about what is mongolia’s current economy is. so where can i find it? could u please tell me about this

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