172 coal mining licenses are valid in Mongolia

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According to the Mineral Resource Authority of Mongolia, Mongolia has geological coal reserve of 163.2 billion tons in 300 deposits and occurrences of 15 coal basins, belonging into 3 major regions.

As a result of this study, Mongolia is ranked as one of the leading ten countries with its reserve, with even further potentiality of increases. Coal is the main source of energy in the most aimags (equivalent to province) and it will continue to be so in the medium range. Coal is quite evenly spread in the territory of Mongolia.

172 mining licenses were issued to 123 companies and 105 mining licenses are under exploitation by over 50 companies. 39 coal mining licenses were issued at Nalaikh district of Ulaanbaatar (far east district of Ulaanbaatar, 30 kms from the center of the city).

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