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205.3 thousand shares of 35 JSCs were sold yesterday at MSE totaling 243.0 million MNT. Total shares of 35 JSCs were traded, share prices of 16 JSCs were increased, 12 were decreased but 7 were stable. Total market capitalization was set at 2 trillion and 926.0 billion MNT.

Index top 20 is 28250.26 units and was decreased by 95.53 units or 0.34 percent compared with the previous day’s trade. In comparison to the previous day’s trade, share prices of Genco tour bureau, Bidisec, Shariin gol, Makh impex, Eermel, Shivee Ovoo, Mogoin gol, and Ulaanbatar JSCs were decreased and affected the MSE top 20 to fall. 100.4 thousand shares of Remicon JSCs were sold and it was the most actively traded stock at MSE.

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