Coking coal and Chemical Plant will lead to prosperity

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Mongolia 999 National Consortium is determined to participate in the construction of the Government’s programme to build industrial facility in Sainshand. Within the framework of the Government’s programme, the national consortium proposes to build coke and chemical plant in Sainshand. In this connection, the representatives of Consortium held a meeting with representatives of “Paul Wurth” company to discuss possible cooperation in this project. Representatives of the Consortium explained that the coke and chemical plan, if built, can produce about 30-50 million tons of coal supported by TT operations. Most importantly, as the southern region of Mongolia where most coal mining operations are faces water scarcity, the coke and chemical plant shall be based on the water efficient operations, they added. Representatives of German plant constructor emphasized the importance of building such plants in vicinity of mine sites. According to them, Sainshand, the proposed plant area, is situated at a distant location from TT mine sites; therefore suggested an option of building the coke, chemical plant in vicinity of the TT coal mine. Also, officials of the German company were curious to learn about state ownership of TT coal deposits.

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