MP. Kh.Badamsuren: JVC experiences shall be implemented in the cases of Oyu Tolgoi and Tavan Tolgoi

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MP. Kh.Badamsuren, Vice Chairman of the Mongolian – Russian Federation Parliamentary Group and President of Mongolia – Russia Friendship Association shares his opinion on state involved JVCs.

Q: How do you evaluate the cooperation between two countries on mining sector?

MP. Kh.Badamsuren: I would say that the cooperation was truly fruitful. No industrialization and creation has been achieved in the last 20 years like Erdenet JVC. In simpler terms, this JVC is called as a “milk cow” for Mongolia. This factory, almost alone, has been bearing whole Mongolia on its shoulder through the hard times of transition. Therefore, its effect on our economy was valueless.

Q: Creation was not only limited by Erdenet JVC. There are many among others.

MP. Kh.Badamsuren: I just took example on Erdenet case. Plus, MongolRosTsvetmet JVC can be stated. Also, Ulaanbaatar Railway Cooperative is countable. All these three entities have been three pillars of the Mongolian economy, providing numerous workplaces for many families of Mongolia. Of course, Oyu Tolgoi and Tavan Tolgoi will surely bring huge industrialization for the Mongolian economy. Therefore, I should evaluate that the friendly relationship between Mongolia and Russia has continued long and fruitful.

Q: Many people consider that the relationship between two countries shall be enriched and developed with new contents. What do you say about it?

MP. Kh.Badamsuren: Surely yes, the outcome of the main objects of the cooperation, Erdenet, MongolRosTsvetmet and Ulaanbaatar Railway, shall be increased. Mutually beneficial cooperation and administration and management shall be upgraded. Also another demand of technology innovation and upgrading mining production outcome level is vital. But we gained much experience in establishing and running JVCs. This experience shall be implied in Oyu Tolgoi and Tavan Tolgoi industrialization. Also experience in training skilled workers shall be implemented in these projects.

In addition, leading Russian companies are expressing their interest in the mining and infrastructural projects of Mongolia. Therefore, I see the necessity of enriching the cooperation with new contents.

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