30 percent Pay rise is expected for the state workers

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The state budget was reconsidered and changes were to the following issues during the spring session of the SGK: wages for the state workers, pension provided by the social insurance fund, pension provided by the social welfare fund and benefits for mothers. From the 1st of October these pensions and benefits will be set to increase by 30 percent and required amount was set in the budget. Yesterday, the Government meeting was held according to these issues, the projects had been discusses and settled.  

The decision to raise wages for the state workers by 30 percent was supported by the yesterday’s Government meeting. The 30 percent pay rise will affect all state workers and all its pecuniary benefits underlining that pay bonuses will also be affected with the rise. Currently, the average wage of a state worker is 323.0 thousand MNT. This pay rise will bring the average to around 417.7 thousand MNT. The minimum wage of state worker was 145.1 thousand MNT and was increased to 188.7 thousand MNT. Wages of 154 thousand state workers will be increased according to the Government. The government is also working to reduce inequality in wages as there are still gaps between pays in accordance with different sectors. The Trade Unions have not made any comment yet.

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  1. Oyu says:

    ‘pay rise’ sounds weird, ‘pay raise’ is the correct way to say it.

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