Mongol 999 Consortium discussed its article of association

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z.enkhboldThe National companies joined to establish “Mongol 999” Consortium to bid for Tavan Tolgoi project. This is the very first experience that such numerous Mongolian companies combined their effort and strength for the certain deed. As Mr. Z.Enkhbold, MP and the Chairman of the Standing Committee of National Security and Foreign Policy, answered last week to the imitators during MNBC (Mongolian National Broadcasting Company) live talk show, the State Great Khural can support such initiatives such as easing certain criteria for domestic bidders.As for Thursday May 6 2010, 1550 people submitted ₮1 million each to register for the initiative. The Consortium signed on the agreement with 5 provisions. Once it is business initiative, it has to conclude its article of association. Its governing body and number of board members will be decided after the finalization of draft article. According to the source closer to the issue, the board would have 51 members.

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