D.Zorigt: Working on to gain more from Tavan Tolgoi than Oyu Tolgoi

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Last Wednesday, the Cabinet Ministers Meeting was held and discussed about Tavan Tolgoi issue. MP D.Zorigt, Minister for Mineral Resource and Energy has more.

Q: What issues we mainly discussed by the Meeting? When the selection will be made?

D.Zorigt: The Meeting discussed mainly about the principles on Tavan Tolgoi rather than selection. Prime Minister gave direction towards this issue. The decision is made to present to the State Great Khural after presenting to the National Security Council and concluding the principles. I assure again that the state will own 100%. According to the agreement, operator, marketing and sales companies will be selected. These companies will take care of operation and investment. It will assure the involvement of national companies. In order to support value added industry, certain provisions are included in the agreement and it will be presented to the National Security Council.
Q: Is the tender bid rule clear?
D.Zorigt: Foreign and national companies will take part in the selection procedure. Certain documents are prepared.

Q: What type of requirements are set forth?
D.Zorigt: It will be openly discussed by the State Great Khural. It will consider bidders’ profile, background and environmental records. Also they will be required to involve the national companies in their operations. The value added production requirement is must.

Q: When the material will be presented to the National Security Council?
D.Zorigt: In the next week. I have no idea on when the Council shall summon.

Q: Sources confirm that the pre-payment will be higher than Oyu Tolgoi. How much will it be?
D.Zorigt: We will work to gain more than Oyu Tolgoi. It is early to give numbers, because, the negotiation hasn’t started yet.

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One Response to D.Zorigt: Working on to gain more from Tavan Tolgoi than Oyu Tolgoi

  1. tulga says:

    why do think you can be so pathetic and impose differing conditions for mining projects? Clealry, this is unfair and the same rules should be applied to all – what is your explanations, minister? you are so pathetic

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