Oyu Tolgoi will prioritize the Mongolian companies & contractors

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Many people are interested in Oyu Tolgoi project effect in the market and economy. The Investment Agreement assures direct payment and cash injection from OT investors into the Mongolian economy and public also received ₮70K right before the Lunar New Year. This distribution was a long awaited one for the mass, but those who contribute tax and revenue to the state, are suffering its cost; inflation.

Business sector of the Mongolian community wanted to provide and supply services and products that can be produced in Mongolia. According to the shareholders’ agreement, if the proposed services or products, existing in or originated from Mongolia offered by the Mongolian companies fully meet the requirement, Oyu Tolgoi LLC will prioritize it. Also local companies of Umnugobi aimag will be considered first.

On March 12 2010, Oyu Tolgoi LLC, within this framework, is organizing event to inform about the selection of contractors for Oyu Tolgoi LLC. Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Cabinet Secretariat, Ministry of Mineral Resource and Energy and National Innovation Committee will attend the event. During the event, the best contractors of Mongolia will be announced.

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