SGK’s MPRP group held a meeting

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Monday, MPRP fraction held its regular meeting.  The fraction leader D. Lundeejantsan, and vice chair D. Dondog called a press conference on the issues that were discussed in the meeting. The meeting was focused on the harsh winter conditions, according to them.
In association with the current situation in rural areas PM S. Batbold made an announcement in which he stated to spend two thirds of the state reserve in supporting herders.  The state fodder and hay reserves are running out, hence politicians are discussing about importing it from the two neighbors. However, the biggest challenge that the government is facing at the moment is the funding, for the state has spent MNT two billion in purchasing H1N1 vaccines.

The fraction believes that this issue should be discussed immediately by the SGK since in some areas local people are incapable of reaching basic medical services.  The fraction stated that it wants to resolve the issue without a delay. They also stated that they will study the bills from different angles and discuss them one by one.

After the meeting D. Lundeejantsan answered to reporters’ questions

Q: There was news stating that the general prosecutor M. Altankhuyag submitted his letter of resignation.  Have you discussed the issue?

A: Most of the members criticized for not discussing the issue in the meeting.  The posts that are appointed by the law should be immune to any pressures. The members of the fraction have agreed on resolving the issue within the frames of the law.

Q: Have you discussed the bills on SGK and election law?

A: We’ve discussed the election law, and unanimously agreed on changing the 2008 election system. Our fraction backed the bill drawn up by the working group headed by MP U. Enkhtuvshin.  However, it didn’t back the bill submitted by the working group led by MP Kh. Temuujin.

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