Mongolia will have its first ever sea port

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tianjinMongolia will have its first ever sea port at Tianjin, China. The Third meeting between two countries on cooperation of economy and trade will be held January 25-20, 2010. During this meeting, the issue will be settled in relationship with the land lease and terms and conditions at Tianjin Free Trade Zone. Mr J.Gankhuyag, Director of the Representatives Office of Ulaanbaatar State and State Entity, has more.

Q: What is the latest development at Tianjin?

J.Gankhuyag: MOU was signed between the Ministry of Roads, Transport, Construction and Urban Development and the People’s Government of Tianjin, during the official visit of former Prime Minister S.Bayar, April 2010.  Within the framework of the MOU, a working group was established between Mongolian and Chinese sides. The Representative Office of Ulaanbaatar City in Tianjin was established on October 14 2009.

Q: According to the convention, landlocked countries enjoy certain waives. Shall Mongolia receive such a treatment?

J.Gankhuyag: The closest port to Mongolia is Tianjin. According to the MOU, Mongolia shall receive 12 waives and redemption at Tianjin, including taxation.

Q: Can Mongolia build processing factories at Tianjin and export from there directly to overseas?

J.Gankhuyag: In order to support SME, the Mongolian Government made request to build factories processing agricultural raw materials, at Tianjin. The Chinese side hasn’t revealed its official response yet.

Q: It seems that the 3rd meeting will decide many important issues. Can Mongolia start its operation straightaway?

J.Gankhuyag: Tianjin Free Trade Zone is divided into 4 sub-zones. Our area of location (30 is in the east side of Tianjin Free Trade Zone. All operations are started here and all necessary infrastructures are built. Once both parties agreed upon, it is ready to launch its operation.

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