Minister Kh.Battulga: Hope that not all 76 MPs were influenced by

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Minister for Roads Transportation Construction and Urban Development Kh.Battulga shares his opinion on recent developments in the political and economy issues.

Q: What is your opinion on Olon Ovoot gold deposit, which was held in loan security of Zoos Bank, was transferred to Just Group?

Minister Kh.Battulga: It is pure company issue. The Government has no right to interrupt it.

Q: But, Zoos Bank was re-named into the State Bank and issued the government Bond, why?
Minister Kh.Battulga: The Government decided to issue bond, because it affects people savings, not because of commercial bank. But transferring “Olon Ovoot” is the issue between bank and company. Perhaps, it might already pay its loan.

Q: Railway building of “Energy Resource” will be discussed by the State Great Khural.What is your opinion towards it?

Minister Kh.Battulga:
The Government plans to build heavy industry complex at Sainshand. Energy Resource also talked about building heavy industrial complex. But, personally, I don’t agree with that. We have transported enough raw materials to China, now we better start thinking about processing it in Mongolia. If export it in raw, Mongolia will not benefit from it.

Q: But the Standing Committee approved the railway building.

Minister Kh.Battulga: Yes, but no. Because it will be discussed by the State Great Khural. I hope that all 76 MPs are not influenced by and would not adopt this resolution.

Q: What is your opinion on distribution of 120 thousand MNT?

Minister Kh.Battulga: Actually, it is wrong. It might look different, but in fact we are judging it as distributing revenue from mining sector. We exchanged our opinion on how to optimize it. Then, the Government approved MNT of 120 thousand.

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