Mongolian economy by November (Part 3): Macroeconomics

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III. Economic sector indicators:

As of December 1, improper loss of cattle equal to 3.6 of overall livestock is more than that of the previous year by 81.5 thousand. Of the dead livestock, small cattle account for 90.1 percent and 9.9 percent for big cattle.

Nationwide 391.7 thousand tons crops, 151.0 thousand tons potatoes, 77.0 thousand tons vegetables and 893.4 thousand tons grass and hays have been prepared. In comparison to that of the previous year, collected crop increased by 12.3 percent whereas vegetables decreased by 1.9 percent.
As of November total industrial production reached MNT 1496.5 billion, falling down by 7.3 percent compared to that of the previous year. Decline in mining production by MNT 8.9 billion or 1.0 percent and quarrying production by MNT 110.8 billion or 20.4 percent affected this drop down.

Of the total construction and maintenance works of MNT 175.2 billion completed nationwide as of eleven months of the year 2009, 86.7 percent have been performed by domestic construction entities and 13.3 percent by foreign entities, informs National Statistics Office.

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