The Government promised to decrease air pollution by 50%

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But in doing so it will spend ₮180 billion in next seven years

When the budget, fighting against air pollution in Ulaanbaatar City, increase, smoke in City increase accordingly. Mongolia ranks No1 in the world with its air pollution. Last Friday, the Government debriefing was held at SGK’s Government hour on Resolution No 46 of the State Great Khural on decreasing air pollution in Ulaanbaatar City.

According to the GSK regulation, minority representatives should question the Government, but other MPs took the challenge and made many questions.

MP N.Ganbyamba: I understood that many people are in charge of this big issue, but zero result. In the report, it says that ₮6.2 billion is already spent for this purpose. But, in reverse, smoke and air pollution in UB were increased by 28%. What is the main logic of spend more and deteriorate the condition?

Kh.Battulga, Minister for Roads, Transport, Construction and Urban Development: Ger district is rapidly expanding. Families in ger district were 140 thousand a year ago and now it reached 168 thousand.

D.Zorigt, Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy: ₮2 billion in 2007, ₮2.2 billion in 2008, ₮2.2 billion in 2009 were spent in combating against smoke and air pollution. This money spent for providing fuel made by clean technology to ger families and establishing a factory processing sawdust into solid fuel.

Furthermore, in 2010, a factory of ₮17 billion, producing semi-cocking coal next to “TETS – 3” (Heating and Power Plant), is planned. This factory will be in operation in 2011. $4,7 million from MCC will be used for providing smokeless stove (fully combusting stove).

MP Z.Enkhbold: UB smoke problem is not regular issue. It reached the disaster level. During the previous term of SGK, I made proposal to announce UB as disaster area and ban its residential migration. But it wasn’t supported.

According to the auditing, there were many breaches such as ₮1 billion was spent in buying trolleybus and building transformers. Next year should be pivotal in combating against air pollution. Can SGK establish temporary committee on this issue?

MP S.Oyun: Which action plan has the Government in combating with air pollution? How much fund will be used for how long and how much it will help decreasing air pollution?

D.Zorigt, Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy: In short term, we will support smokeless fuel and stove production. In longer run, we set target to provide ger district families with apartments. From 2012, raw coal consumption will be banned. Over ₮100 billion is planned to provide families with smokeless and clean fuel. In such manner, the total required fund will be ₮180 billion and target decrease is 50%.

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