Mongolian Transportation Update (Part1)

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Over 80% of “Ulaanbaatar Railway” locomotives are old.

During the Prime Minister’s visit to Ulaanbaatar Railway, its Chairman Otgondemberel.B reported that over 80% of its locomotives are old. It requires immediate upgrade in locomotive fleet. Its stakeholders, Mongolian and Russian Government, made decision to increase its capital by $250 million. If it will be solved, it can upgrade its locomotive fleet park.

MIAT transported 188300 passengers in Q3

Mongolian flag carrier MIAT transported 188300 passengers in Q3, decreased by 10% from a year before, including 45.6 million tons/km performance and revenue of ₮76.3 billion with profit of ₮4.8 billion. MIAT company senior officials asked support from the Government in renewing its fleet and coordinating fuel price, because its fuel buying price is too high than world average that is imported from Russian Federation.

New airport will have a “bow” shape

During his weekend visit to several companies and projects of infrastructure, Prime Minister visited to the project team, developing architectural drawing of the newly planned airport. Project Leader N.Enkhbat, a man in charge of architectural drawing of the New airport, said that the new airport will have a “bow” shape, resembling the Mongolian traditional symbol, that allows high consumption of natural light.

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