Open conference held on a copper smelting factory

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A working group, chaired by MP D.Damba-Ochir on developing policy and documentation of “Processing copper concentrate and building copper smelting factory” was established by the resolution (No180) of the Speaker of SGK, on November 13 2009. The working group will present the document and policy to the State Great Khural within Q4 2009.

MP Kh.Badamsuren, Ts.Bayarsaikhan, G.Bayarsaikhan, Ts.Dashdorj, D.Zorigt, Kh.Narankhuu, D.Odkhuu, Ch.Ulaan, Ts.Tsengel, Z.Enkhbold are within the group members. The working group organized open forum within the industry experts, including head of departments of Minsitry of Mineral Resources and Energy, metallurgical engineers, experts, directors and engineers of Erdenet JVC, MongolRosTsvetmet and MAK (Mongolian Gold Corp.) Participants presented the detailed analysis of their research study on smelting technology from copper concentrate and ore. Mongolia has three sources of copper ore, Erdenet, Oyu Tolgoi and Tsagaan Suvarga. Experts mentioned importance of exploiting Burenkhaan phosphorite deposit in Khuvsgul aimag, but this issue provoked MPs’ concern on environment.

However, experts and engineers have no response to a question “Is there any option of building copper smelting factory without using Burenkhaan deposit?” put by MP Z.Enkhbold. MP Kh.Badamsuren expressed his alternatives of building copper smelting factory based on Erdenet and Tsagaan Suvarga copper ore because of their similarity or one smelting factory in Mongolia based on those three deposits and made request to develop participants’ proposal on the smelting factory location and its venture statrus. Many participants agreed on the location of the smelting factory, Erdenet JVC. But their biggest concern was on sulphur acid consumption of smelting copper.

Copper smelting factory will become the ignition and fundament of chemical industry in Mongolia and it will play vital role in the development of infrastructure and transportation.

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