Coal Industry Update (1): “Erdenes Mongolia” will build road

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There are 36 coal deposits in Mongolia and Tavan Tolgoi, Tavan Tolgoi Trans, Mongol Alt, Energy Resource companies are exporting coal to China. Coal is transported by dump trunks to Shiveekhuren, Gashuunsukhait ports. For example, distance between Tavan Tolgoi – Gashuunsukhait is 250 kms. This road is heavily eroded, leaving no pasture around it. If it continues as it is now, it will bring environmental hazard to the nature. Therefore, Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy has developed the general plan to build road by “Erdenes Mongolia” LLC. Ministry will propose the issue to the Government level.

Also the above-mentioned ports are required to be expanded. More clearly, its human resource size is needed to be increased and necessary up to date facilities. Without it, those companies can’t meet with the planned export target. As of Mongol Alt Corporation, it planned three million tons of coal in 2009, but it only managed 800 thousand tons of coal.

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