D.Enkhbat: We can’t give

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D.EnkhbatQ: Political parties are talking about their election promises. Is it possible to make it happen?

MP D.Enkhbat: I am with MP Oyun, Altai, we are all against it from the very beginning. Mongolia has chosen democracy and market economy for over 20 years. As for me, if this law is adopted, we need to make historical choice of which to call justice. I think that it is fairy tale to get money during the term of this parliament.

Q: Why?
MP D.Enkhbat: Is it fair to give everyone same amount of money or to give them in accordance with their labour and contribution? It looks like a draft law but formulates development of Mongolia in next 20 years. Only communists distribute money or benefit evenly. During that time everyone has salary of 600 MNT. But now, we make money according to our skills and labour. Government or state has duty to create workplaces and provide healthy environment to work and to be treated fairly.

It is not that important to give money evenly. But I should mention here one example from others, if people get free money, they become drunkards. Native Americans and Manchus all received free money and now disappeared. We will now pursue this path. Even people are poor, we can’t decide the issue through money distribution. Therefore, it is very simple for us. Instead of delivering money, we should develop policy to create more workplaces and to provide opportunity to everybody that they can make 1 million themselves.

Q: So you think that it is not necessary to distribute 1.5 million MNT?

MP D.Enkhbat: Nobody can get 1.5 million MNT. It is just like mocking people to lick them candy inside a window display.

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3 Responses to D.Enkhbat: We can’t give

  1. eaaa says:

    This is fascinating, feel like im reading an article from 1925

  2. Ulsaa says:

    I agree with D.Enkhbat since it is unacceptable to give the money to the public.And let me explain why;- the only reason to give money to people is to increase public spending and increasing the cash flow and credit that are running through the public and the companies.Also making sure that the economy recovers.
    Instead of giving the money , we can invest in Education, Technology and Infrastructure in the long-term. This will not just create opportunities for more jobs and for people, but it would also create the knowledge for our students who are coming out from the universities and having the core skills and adaptable workforce for the future.

  3. Badrakh says:

    I agree with Ulsaa. Such things like giving money directly to the public should not exist. I would describe it as brainwashing election campaign. Public mostly votes for money that doesn’t exist. The goal should be set in the long-term. Everything should be clearly stated.

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