Man died from serious pneumonia had H1N1 virus

Oct 23 • Health • 704 Views • 1 Comment on Man died from serious pneumonia had H1N1 virus

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41 year old instructor machinist at the Office of Railway was hospitalized on the 19th of October. He was being treated for serious pneumonia but died after two days of treatment. Dissection on the body showed that he was positive of H1N1 virus. Ministry of Health officially reported the first case of H1N1 virus death. The victim’s pneumonia was at life threatening situation when the treatment started says the hospital officials. There were some suspicion of H1N1 virus but the result of the test arrived on the 22nd which is after the death of the victim. H1N1 tests were carried out at the Office of Railway and currently no one is detected with the virus according to J.Tsolmon, Deputy Minister for Health.

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One Response to Man died from serious pneumonia had H1N1 virus

  1. Unanomous says:

    People come to your fucking senses! OMG ! So what only 7 thousand people died around the world from H1N1? Well guess what THERE ARE PEOPLE DYING BY THE SECONDS FROM TOBACCO AND ALCOHOL! Stop being brainwashed sheeple.
    Get the hell away from this propogana bullshit.

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