S.Enkhbat: “Dornod Uranium” will operate according to the Mongolian laws.

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Mr. S.Enkhbat, the Head of Nuclear Energy Authority confirms urgency of government actions towards uranium industry.

Q: Uranium has different emphasis than economy one, such as political?

S.Enkhbat: Yes, it has much political importance than economy one. Uranium has secondary usage. Some MPs said that copper has secondary usage, bullet cover, but uranium has power and potential of mass destruction. Uranium is usually under control of the state. Therefore, major powers have interest in involving in the uranium industry. These interests are managed and regulated by IAEA. As for Mongolia, it will be better solution to exploit uranium with help of one or more countries managed under this organization. Mongolian Government decides to obey international legislation. It can be understood that our acts are in accordance with this decision. We had legislation only on radioactivity, because our uranium consumption was very little. Now, we can be at the same level of superpowers with our potential of uranium mining. Only it can bring Mongolia as one of the influential country in the world.

Q: During the visit of the Russian President to Mongolia, two governments signed on the memorandum of understanding of establishment of “Dornod Uranium” LLC. When the company will be established?

S.Enkhbat: I don’t know when exactly, but it is quite possible to establish it within this fall. From the Russian side “Atomredmetzoloto” company and from the Mongolian side “Monatom” company are preparing due diligence. Both Governments own stake at Dornod Mardai and Mongolia Russian JVC “Central Asian Uranium” companies. We will start our work from here.

Q: Mr. Kiriyenko, Director of “Rosatom” company, said that two sides will own equal shares and Mongolia doesn’t have uranium consumption, therefore, uranium will be exported in raw. What would you say about it?

S.Enkhbat: I have no idea on what groundings and basis, he said that. Mongolian law clearly said that the Government of Mongolia will have at minimum 51% ownership. Therefore, we will follow the law and Mongolia will own 51% of Dornod Uranium LLC.
Yes, today we don’t have uranium consumption. But we are talking about building atomic power station using our uranium. Also, according to the law and policy of the state, uranium will not be exported in raw. Therefore, Mongolia will not breach its own law.

Q: Some MPs made comment about lack of monitoring provisions in the Law on Atomic Energy. What is your opinion on it?

S.Enkhbat: Last year, Prime Minister S.Bayar paid visit to the International Atomic Energy Agency. During his visit, he presented our policy and draft law, requesting Agency’s comments. Agency response made few comments and amendments; therefore, these were reflected in the original draft and adopted by the State Great Khural.

Q: Japanese involvement in the uranium deposits and development is certain. In what level it will be?

S.Enkhbat: Japanese Government expressed its interest. They want to invest in uranium exploitation and cooperate in atomic energy. It also offers its aid in atomic science and training human resource. During Prime Minister S.Bayar visit to Japan, MOU was signed on these issues. Now, Japanese side prepares its plan to cooperate. But it is still early to say which companies will take part in which deposits.

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One Response to S.Enkhbat: “Dornod Uranium” will operate according to the Mongolian laws.

  1. Barry says:

    It is good that Mongolia is being cautiuos about how they handle Uranium. It can easily get them into troulbe on an international basis. IAEA should be monitoring every ounce of Uranium that leaves Mongolia, and where it is going. It only makes good sense.

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