Government blamed for house price rise

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“Who should be blamed for house price rise?” recent survey made by reveals that 47.92% of nearly 2000 people voted for ‘Government’. Nearly 1000 people blamed the Government for the house price rise for not taking control of the situation and did not make any regulations. Other candidates were Construction companies, Mongolian Railways, Commercial banks and finally no one to blame for. 4.83% of the people voted for no one to blame for whereas 8.78% blamed the commercial banks. 35.49% blamed the construction companies and 2.98% blamed the Mongolian Railways. Mongolian Railways had affected the housing price to rise as they have restricted transportation of construction materials which caused restricted supply. Other factors could include recent economic recession, inflation, laws, regulations and investment level explains

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One Response to Government blamed for house price rise

  1. Sean says:

    Let us keep in mind the source, is a website owned and operated by the Mongolian housing industry. It is certainly in their interest to have the government be the scapegoat. Did they publish their survey methodology, tools and participant demographics?

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