Social civil organizations may protest

Aug 19 • Government • 450 Views • 4 Comments on Social civil organizations may protest

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Social civil organizations held a meeting regarding the SGK session to discuss the IA of the OT again. The SGK directed the Government to make the agreement in accordance with the resolution No.57 but the Government decided otherwise. The Social Civil Organizations showed their frustration against the 34% ownership issue and abolishment of the 68% windfall tax. The leaders of these organizations held conference and said that they will punish the Government for not working as directed by the SGK. They also said that they will have to organize protests near Government House if the SGK approves the laws with some MPs not present or with 50% of votes.

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4 Responses to Social civil organizations may protest

  1. Barry says:

    This just shows how little the Social Civil Organizations know about mining and contracts. They should listen to the experts that they have hired to advise teh MPs and the various government committees and Ministers. One more reason for NOT letting the Social Civil Organizations do the negotiating, they would keep Mongolia in the 20the Century and not join the rest of the world in an economic recovery for decades. “B”

  2. Badrakh says:

    Representatives of these social civil organisations did protest yesterday on the north side of the Government house. You are dead right about they have no clue on mining contracts. Their aim is to sit on the copper and gold, and appreciate their love to Mongolian Land.

  3. Barry says:

    It is good that there are organizations that are making sure that the environment and the land is protected from misuse.
    My understanding of the OT mine uses the most modern techniques to protect the environment. Have these organization leaders been to the mine and have they seen what IVN / RTP are doing? Protecting the environment is one thing, not to allow utilization of resources is another. “B”

  4. shagai says:

    And you also no clue about mining contracts, Badrakh. You even can not write good english….shame on national university of Mongolia which turns out people like you.

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