The irregular session of SGK will take place this Wednesday

Aug 14 • Government • 902 Views • 3 Comments on The irregular session of SGK will take place this Wednesday

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Meeting of advisory group of the Speaker ended today. During the meeting they have discussed about the extraordinary session of SGK requested by the Government. Speaker of the Parliament, Deputy Speaker and Directors of the standing committees discussed this issue and set the date for the 19th of August which is this upcoming Wednesday. This irregular session will discuss Mineral Law, Law on Water, Law on Road and Law on Corporate Income Tax. The Speaker of the Parliament also mentioned that economic recession issue might be discussed at the irregular session.

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3 Responses to The irregular session of SGK will take place this Wednesday

  1. Badrakh says:

    Hopefully they will sort out the OT IA without huge amount of hesitation. Fingers Crossed 😛

  2. Barry says:

    Thanks for staying on top of things for us outlanders.
    what is the impression that you get from those that you have talked with? Is there any kind of consensus on the issues regarding OT IA? Will the MPs have time to look over the various proposal terms before the session? Who among those are in agreement with terms suggested by IVN / RTP? “B”

  3. Badrakh says:

    Meeting of working groups and standing committees will take place on the 19th to go over the proposals. I know this is the day for the SGK session but on the 19th the SGK session only opens. It will carry on for few days. The representatives of the working group seemed to be very happy in terms of their progression. All sources are from the press so i can not give further comment.

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