S.Bayar discusses irregular session date with D.Demberel

Aug 13 • Government, Mining • 695 Views • 3 Comments on S.Bayar discusses irregular session date with D.Demberel

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The Oyu Tolgoi was fiercely discussed by the Government for the last two weeks. The National Security Council supported the proposal and has made some positive changes. The Government reached some agreements and now required to make some amendments in the law. Today, Prime Minister S.Bayar is exchanging opinions with Speaker D.Demberel regarding OT issues and the irregular session of SGK. Additionally the Government will present some laws to be amended to the SGK which will help speed up the agreement with the investors.

Some unofficial sources claim that the Premier will request for SGK session to be held on the 26th of this month.  This is due as D.Medvedev, The President of Russia is visiting Mongolia during the period. The Russian President is visiting Mongolia to take part in the 70th Year Anniversary of Khalkh Gol River war. MPs will also take part in this epic Anniversary. This may be the reason as full Members of the Parliament can attend the irregular session of the SGK during the period.

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3 Responses to S.Bayar discusses irregular session date with D.Demberel

  1. Barry says:

    What do the Russians have to do with the OT IA?
    Or are the MPs going to ask for their help on the changes in the laws?
    More delays, that no one benefits from. “B”

  2. Barry says:

    Just how many mining licenses are there in Mongolia. I heard a number a while back, 141, I do not remember if this was the number of mining companies operating in Mongolia or the number of mining licenses issued. a good question for Minister of Minerals and Energy. How many are waiting for the OT deal before making commitments to develope these licenses?
    Time is money. Mongolia is in great need of money, time is running out. Centerra is committing money to projects in OTHER countries, not in Mongolia. How many others are doing this? “B”

  3. All MP’s will be around to take part in 70th anniversary so getting necessary number will not be a problem. Perhaps they will also discuss infrastructure contracts/agreements at same time as Russians are active in that arena.

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