MP R.Gonchigdorj: Some Politicians are standing in a way of great economic benefit

Aug 12 • Interview, Mining • 823 Views • 5 Comments on MP R.Gonchigdorj: Some Politicians are standing in a way of great economic benefit

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Interview of MP R.Gonchigdorj

Q: You have left your holiday early and came to the Capital. Is it possible that you’re coming to the Capital for the irregular session of SGK?

R.Gonchigdorj: When the spring session of SGK ended it was nearly obvious that irregular session of SGK was going to be held. I wanted to stay longer in the countryside but it is possible that the irregular session will take place. I believe that MPs should be willing to give up their holidays for a project that will boost the economy and improve the living standards of our people.

Q: What is the situation with the OT IA discussion? Is it frozen?

A: The SGK gave direction to the Government which led to difficult situation. It is hard for Government to make any agreement. They are getting blamed for not predicting the economic situation but I look at it from a different view.
Q: What view?

A: There are some people that think the agreement should be beneficial to the people of Mongolia but there are others who are trying to act really smart and working against the agreement of Oyu Tolgoi. They are the barriers because they are using this as a way of getting some profit by disagreeing with the IA. The most important thing is to get this project running and then the economy should benefit. Oyu Tolgoi is a large deposit and the whole world is watching how Mongolia will cooperate with investors. Tavan Tolgoi and Tsagaan Suvarga deposits are planned to be discussed after OT. We have to come to the reality during this situation.

Q: Letter was sent from Rio Tinto and Ivanhoe Mines. Government Office replied to the letter which reads that the investors are giving directions to an independent country. Do you agree with the reply sent by the Government Office?

A: I have not read the reply to the letter because I have just arrived from countryside. It is not right to meet with the MPs privately but if you think of the other side then they want to deal with the situation faster.

Q: There are some speculations that if the current Government can’t reach an agreement then they should resign. What is your opinion?

A: There are some hidden mind games going on. This is a joint Government of the two leading Parties. This is not liked by some Politicians. They are using this issue to have a go at the Government. They can’t rub out this large economic project with small political issue. In terms of Government resignation they are saying that if you can’t beat the champion then you should resign. The champion in this case is Oyu Tolgoi.

Q: Who are these politicians or what are they?

A: I did not say it like that. There are some kinds of Political issues.

Q: Other countries started to gain economic growth but Mongolia is still in a recession. Do you think that the scheme of getting out of recession is doomed?

A: You can’t say it is doomed because you can’t get out of recession with a click of button. There are lot of policies being implemented, it is an ongoing process. Money will be generated from Oyu Tolgoi. I look at things from a positive angle. This helps to find the real solution to the problem. If you always look at the negatives then you can’t find any solutions or benefits.

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5 Responses to MP R.Gonchigdorj: Some Politicians are standing in a way of great economic benefit

  1. Zolboo says:

    Whoever came up with the windfall tax idea should be shot. The proceeds of the windfall tax were mainly used to fund the welfare programs which obviously do not produce any returns to the economy, but seem to contribute to a higher inflation rate. The insistence of the parliament on the windfall tax would keep away many mining companies from coming to Mongolia and all hell would break loose if Rio decides to walk away from the deal. All these pseudo patriots who claim that Mongolia could pull off this project on its own, are dead wrong. There’s simply too much technology involved with this kind of complex mine and only a handful of mining companies have the right expertise to develop such a massive mine.

  2. Badrakh says:

    Some news reported that the windfall tax will be scraped from the year 2011 and Rio and IVN agrees with the windfall tax at the moment. It is obvious that they want it to be removed. It will not be published before any confirmation.

  3. Barry says:

    If their are specific MPs that are holding up this IA for political gain, thier consituents should know who they are.
    The voters should know what their elected officials are doing. It is called transparency. If there are only a few MPs holding this IA up, then they should be voted out of office. “B”
    Greed is not a good thing

  4. ub says:

    hehe. want some easy money? no way bastards. i bet windfall tax won’t be cancelled. this is not the people of this country want to.

  5. Barry says:

    Ivanhoe has spent billions of dollars over the past ten years to develope the Oyu Tolgoi mine, without any promise they would EVER get their money back. Mongolia invested NOTHING. I do not call that easy money. But before they spend another $5 billion without a proper IA, they will cut their losses and walk away. There are only 2 mining companies in the world with experience in this type of mining, RTP and BHP. BHP has left the country abandoning there license at Tavan Tolgoi. But without the OT IA being finalized NO MORE mining companies are going to pour investment dollars into Mongolia, except for coal. The winfall tax WILL be canceled.
    Or IVN / RTP walk “B”

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