Fresh water demand to rise

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Demand for clean water is to increase from 50 thousand cube meter to 350 thousand cube meter in southern region of Mongolia in the next 10 years. We have enough under soil clean water resource until the year 2020 reports the World Bank. Also, in the year 2020 use of clean water will be 350 thousand cube meter. 260 million USD is needed for research, study and investment in the southern region of Mongolia. To create tube from Orkhon River it will cost minimum of 500 million USD. They are to generate money for possible research on soils, nature and environment to increase the supply of clean water in the southern region of Mongolia.

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One Response to Fresh water demand to rise

  1. Barry says:

    One thing to build a tube to bring water from rivwer to where it is needed.
    It is another thing to distribute the water to those that will use it. do they expect those in the southern regions to carry the water to their homes in buckets?
    The real costs for more water in the southern regions will be 3 to 4 times the amount needed for the tube.
    Where might they find that money?
    Don’t expect any increase in most mining projects in the next 5 to ten years.
    Coal is about all that will be produced. Taxes on the coal exports is going up. The citizens should have questions, and should get answers.

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