Mongolia has two ways

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We have informed that OT investors sent letters to MPs regarding the IA. The letters did not get to the hands of the PMs yet but we have published the letter with signature of Sam Regal, leader of the working group of the investors. In this letter they have stated that “during this important period of this IA we are able to make official meeting and provide answers if you have any questions or doubts regarding the IA or the OT project “. The letter also mentions about the importance of OT to Mongolia as this will kick start the economy and social development through providing thousands of workplaces and business opportunities. Rio Tinto sees this as new era of Mongolian mining development.

“This choice is not today’s choice, it is the choice of elected leaders choosing for the future. Mongolia is at a junction with two ways, one is to attract foreign investment, build world standard mining sector and to build strong independent economy but the other way is to build neighbors dependent economy, limited agriculture and investors will already have lost confidence in Mongolia.”

“Your respected vote will choose the right way of the two and will benefit in the long run. Hopefully we will get chance to share our opinions for this matter” That’s how the representatives of the investors have finished the letter. The ending lines must give the MPs and the leaders something to think about. It is better and beneficial for everyone to reach an agreement, comments made by the public.

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