P.Altangerel: Uranium can be more beneficial than OT and TT

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Implementing law on nuclear energy had been discussed in last week’s SGK session. Some MPs elected from Dornod and Sukhbaatar provinces were against it as they believe the draft had some fault. They agreed to present the new draft to the SGK in upcoming autumn session. We have P.Altangerel to speak about the nuclear energy in Mongolia.

A: I agree that the law should be approved. Uranium is unique and incomparable to other mineral resource and it has to do with politics rather than economics. As it is used for nuclear weapons its exploration and development processes are closely monitored. International agency for nuclear energy requests that it should be monitored by 3rd party to have better monitoring but the draft resolution made last week had given the rights to the director of the nuclear power agency. This was a mistake as the director got all the right to provide license, monitor and cancel the licenses rights which means it is same as having no tracking or monitoring. We have to improve this monitoring process as uranium is very dangerous. That is why we are planning to provide the new draft in the august session of the SGK.
Q: This is a brand new sector; don’t you think that knowledge and information of the MPs were insufficient?
A: We have implemented such a bad draft law because everyone’s mind is in the OT investment agreement. Speaker of the parliament explained that the law had to be approved as assistance of the National Security had meeting and they have requested so. Otherwise we were planning to leave it to the august session.
Q: MPs were arguing about the organization and transportation of the nuclear wastage…
A: MPs had little idea about this. We had to understand more about this. Highly developed countries used to transport their wastage to Russia which the Russian people did not like but now they are using it as a resource and reprocessing it. Therefore if perfect safety and monitoring method are implemented Mongolia can be valued producer of nuclear products.
Q: You have said that the law was amended incorrectly as IA of OT was in discussion. Can uranium sector development can be more beneficial than OT?
A: To be honest uranium sector development is much more important that’s why the government and SGK should pay more attention to it. I even believe it is more beneficial as some uranium sites are constructed and it is ready for export and to earn money.
Q: People have not supported the idea of multiple investors in uranium sector; what is on your mind?
A: International experiences show that half of the profit goes to the place where the uranium is explored which is very beneficial. As we have no experience in this sector it is better to cooperate with more than 2 countries. Otherwise we will lose our advantage and 3rd parties mean that there are better monitoring and competition.
Q: What about the labor?
A: Prime Minister signed a contract with Japan to prepare uranium workers in Japan. He always has this on his mind when he is on an official visit around the world. Some Mongolian workers work at the International nuclear power agency. In my opinion they should be invited to work in their home soil when the country is in need.

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One Response to P.Altangerel: Uranium can be more beneficial than OT and TT

  1. Barry says:

    China has plans to build 450 nuclear power plants in the next 50 years. I would say that disposing of nuclear waste will be a problem for them also. As will uranium supply.
    Infrastructure for this type of shipping is a pre-requisite to sales. mongolia does NOT have the trained technicians to handle these shipments at present.
    Mongolia should concentrate on the shipments of resources that they do have the capability to export safely. Coal, copper, gold, etc.
    TT coal mine does not even have company that has a license from Mongolia. Yet they are planning the railroad to ship coal 1000 km.
    There are coal mines much closer to the China border that they do not yet have plans for rail to be built. Get the priorities right.
    Build a railroad where it is needed today, South Gobi.
    This area is going to develope into the 2nd largest city in Mongolia, 10,000 citizens in next five years. 20,000 in next 10 years. Do they have a PLAN? have there been civil engineers employed to do the planning for such growth?
    Or, is the 2nd largest city in Mongolia going to develope like the worst areas of the Capital city. Squallor and no utilities or infrastructure.
    MPs go on vacation when there is much yet to do.

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