The State Great Khural is to discuss the draft agreement on Oyu Tolgoi project

Jul 7 • Government, Mining • 558 Views • 8 Comments on The State Great Khural is to discuss the draft agreement on Oyu Tolgoi project

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The Standing Committee on Economy of SGK held meeting and resolved to present the draft agreement to SGK session.

There were quite many negative comments on the agreement such as some MPs criticized that the Government failed to acquire 34% of OT free or project without payment. For example, MP L.Gundalai said that 30 years of agreement term will hurt the National Security of Mongolia. The Speaker said that no country in the world has built such an agreement with 30 years of term.

But most of MPs decided to present the agreement to SGK session. SGK session starts on Thursday and continues on Friday.

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8 Responses to The State Great Khural is to discuss the draft agreement on Oyu Tolgoi project

  1. Eric says:

    So the article on was incorrect to claim that an agreement had been reached.

  2. Amarsanaa says:

    probably they made small mistake in translation, cos it most prob, made first in Mongolian

  3. investor says:

    Amarsanna, do you feel like they have the necessary vote to pass this? How much do they need to pass this? Over 50%?

  4. Eric says:

    How many people are in the standing commity

    also are they voting on the draft or are they discussing additional issues?

  5. Amarsanaa says:

    Standing committee was the main rejection for the previous drafts, I met with few MPs and they have quite strong support from the parliament to see the draft go through! That is why I made that disclosure, before Naadam there will be big leap towards signature even parliament adopt the IA

  6. eric says:


    One day to go. Do you still feel confident that OT draft is signed before Naadam.

    You had mentioned that there was some dissatisfaction with the current version. I assume they are in the minority.



  7. Barry says:

    This MP is an idiot.
    OT and the expansions proposed for the mine could double the entire 2008 GDP of Mongolia in as few as 5 years. How would that hurt Mongolia. Mongolia will get its fair share, and entitled to no more than that. DO THE DEAL, stop the greed.

  8. Eric says:


    Mongolia Web responded to my email which asked if a Draft had be signed.

    They said not yet, this was 4:28 pm your time.

    Is this what your hearing?

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