Some excerpts from an unofficial meeting of Prime Minister S.Bayar with media representatives

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Q: The most eagerly awaited issue is Oyu Tolgoi agreement. Can the draft agreement be model to its following agreements?

S.Bayar: Situations changes everywhere, so it cannot be exact sample for the other agreements. But I believe that it can create the certain criterion. We have very wrong system of adopting agreement by parliament. It is very hard and unclear for these 76 MPs who will receive the responsibility. Instead, if the Government receives the responsibility, then there will be clear to judge who was right or wrong. We are talking about OT for last five years. Nowadays, things are changed within 5 months. I would like to have the Government that has power to conclude the agreement instead of SGK.
Q: There is wide criticism that the joint Government is lagging on OT draft agreement.

S.Bayar: I have been Prime Minister for 19 months. Most of this period was under pressure from the world economy recession. I don’t agree with the political situation that derived fro the joint government. I am happy that we have joint government in this hard time. Otherwise, no decision can be made through this dark political confrontation.

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9 Responses to Some excerpts from an unofficial meeting of Prime Minister S.Bayar with media representatives

  1. Barry says:

    So……Still no OT agreement.
    No surprise. Now they will need to change some other law. More debate by the SGK.
    I can understand Prime Minister Bayar being frustrated.
    Me also. “B”

  2. Eric says:


    Can you please clarify. Does this mean we can’t get the new draft agreement signed before Naadam?


  3. Eric says:

    I read it as going forward he would like to see the process of how the agreements are approved changed.

    In other words, after OT agreement let’s change the approval process.

    Anyone else see it this way?

  4. Amarsanaa says:

    yes, approval procedure is the main troublemaker. So I believe recently in the top level of the decision making is talking about it much.

  5. Eric says:

    Will this delay OT further? Or will some draft be signed before Naadam?

  6. Amarsanaa says:

    70% positive to sign or make great leap towards the signature

  7. Barry says:

    Does that mena that the MPs are only going to ask for 30% of the agreement to be changed this time.
    That is meant as a joke.
    We have been here before and been dissapoointed every time.
    I will only believe it when I see it.
    Tell the MPs and the President, and the Discussion Group and all of those involved in the negotiations. D. Zorigt and all the others.
    The do need to change the way these agreements are approved.
    MPs should have an up or down vote. And if there is 60% voted for the approval then it should be approved as is. NO CHANGES.
    If the vote is less than 60% (45 votes to approve) then and only then can they make suggestions to the Discussion group, specifying which articles they do not approve, and only those articles will be considered for change and a new vote taken. The MPs should be limited as to the amount of time they have to review the agreement.
    Only a few more day remaining until the end of the Session. JULY 11. Correct?


  8. Barry says:

    will you be able to publish the entire agreement when it is approved?
    How is that other project of yours coming along?

  9. Eric says:

    Wow. 70% is not very reassuring. It sounds to me that we have a delay until October.

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