Foreign Trade turnover reached 1424.4 million US$

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As of June 15, the Mongolian foreign trade turnover reached 1424.4 million US$; import 777.8 million US$ and export 646.6 million US$. Foreign trade balance has loss of 131.2 million US$. Copper concentrate takes 26.3%, processed and raw gold 26.1%, zinc ore and concentrate 5.2%, iron ore 4.4%, crude oil 3.8%, cashmere 3.3%, fluorite ore and concentrate 2.6% of the total export.

Petrol import size was increased on the following fields; 10.3 thousand ton (5.8 million US$) flour import size 9.0 thousand ton (2.6 million US$), car import by 377 cars (1.9 million US$), electricity import 3.6 million kilowatt/ hour (150.7 thousand US$).

Report from the National Statistics Office

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One Response to Foreign Trade turnover reached 1424.4 million US$

  1. Barry says:

    I do not see the coal exports listed.
    With the amount of time that has been wasted by the Parliament on approval of the Oyu Tolgoi mining agreement it is understandable that imports exceed exports. also that NOT approving this mining agreement has caused years of delays in building of needed infrastructure, railroads, roads, water, electric generation plants and many other infrastructure projects that have been neglected in the past. It is time for progress not procrastination.

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