PM S.Bayar: Lets hunt the bear first and then share the skin

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The State Great Khural discussed the budget prediction of year 2011, 2012 and budget environment of year 2010. The Government prepared the plan to boost the real growth of the economy of Mongolia up to 7% in time of crisis.
But MPs critisized that the Government should increase the growth upto 13% as it was stated in the Government portfolio.

Also MPs critisized widely that 1.5 million MNT as the Grant of the Motherland is not included in the budget prediction of year 2010. MP L.Gantumur commented that “this State Great Khural was established to provide 1.5 million MNT to its people. But it was not included in the budget environment of year 2010, and even in the budget prediction”
PM S.Bayar answered such questions of MPs, saying that “the Grant of the Motherland” was discussed during the previous Presidential Election. But you should pay attention to an issue. We can’t include the impact of the mining industry. We just can’t. The Standing Committee on Economy made comments and conclusions on OT investment agreement, it was just translated few days ago and handed to our investing side. There wasn’t official negotiation started, but I heard some unofficial comments saying that this comment and conclusion of the Committee leave almost no business and economical opportunity. We presented the agreement draft to the State Great Khural, demonstrating that we are ready to bear responsibility and negative outcomes of the agreement. But it was not supported. Meanwhile, I wish that the State Great Khural supports the uranium documents presented by the Government of Mongolia. Tavan Tolgoi issue will be presented to the State Great Khural before the end of this spring session. I wish the State Great Khural would have positive attitude towards these vital documents. What can we about 1.5 million MNT? Not major projects are launched. Actually, we are talking so much about how to divide a skin of bear in wild. But should hunt that bear first.”

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4 Responses to PM S.Bayar: Lets hunt the bear first and then share the skin

  1. eric says:

    I not sure I understand what I am reading. Is the article saying that as it stands the IA was rejected by the SGK?

  2. copper says:

    Are these people really that stupid?

  3. eric says:

    1.5 million MNT Grant of the Motherland will be provided by the profits and benefits of the strategic mining deposits.

    bear is like OT and TT and other mining deposits. So lets realise the mining projects first and then talk about providing money to people.

  4. to eric says:

    sorry above one was to eric!

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