Power to sign on contracts was granted

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Based on the advise of the National Security Commission, resolution of the Prime Minister will be issued to grant the power of signing on the product share agreement to the Head of the Oil Authority with MCS Holding on “Borzon – VII” field, Shunhlai Energy Co.,Ltd on “Sulinheer – XXIII” field.

Also resolution is made to approve the product share agreements with DWM Petroleum AG Co., Ltd on “Tsagaan Els – XIII” and “Zuunbayan – XIV” oil fields and with Zhon Hen Yu Tian Co., Ltd of the People’s Republic of China on oil field “Galba – XI”.

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One Response to Power to sign on contracts was granted

  1. Billy Label says:

    According to newspapers the Russians now own OT : “The joint venture will receive development licenses for the deposits in 2010. Erdenes MGL owns all strategic deposits in Mongolia, including the Oyu Tolgoi gold and copper project, the Tavan Tolgoi coal deposit, and the Dornod uranium deposit.”
    Where does Ivanhoe fit into this?

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