PM S.Bayar: Due to crisis, many planned works have become impossible

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On Friday, Prime Minister S.Bayar made presentation on measures of the Mongolian Government in the direction of Roads, Transport, Construction and Urban Development at the State Great Khural. After the presentation, he answered the question of MPs.

MP Ts.Bayarsaikhan: Road building tender bid in Gobi region was not announced this year. But the traffic is increasing in the direction of Oyu Tolgoi and Tavan Tolgoi. At the moment, Energy Resource company transports coal in it’s about 300 heavy trucks. Erdenes MGL thinks that without mining, the burden in the economy would not be relieved. But railway building requires 2 years at minimum. In this case, t is necessary to build paved road to these deposits. What measures are planned to be taken by the Government?

PM S.Bayar: The Government of Mongolia considers that the paved road to Tavan Tolgoi and Oyu Tolgoi is very important. It has general planning to build railway. Railway and road must be decided in a complex way, therefore a working group was established and it is working on it. Soon, its report will be presented.

MP Ts.Sedvaanchig: The main idea of the Government’s “plan against crisis” was to create workplaces and pay much attention on building roads, buildings. Unfortunately, I see no lights from today’s presentation. Work will not move forward, if we don’t spare project with less than one billion MNT to the financially stable and strong companies. The State is losing so much time in finding money. It is necessary to start building and construction works immediately with repayment condition.

PM S.Bayar: Due to crisis, many planned works have become impossible. Recently we modified our budget. It is hard to discuss about implementation of investment. But we didn’t sit idly, we worked internally and externally. Please understand that the Government made this presentation on the most troubled issue during the crisis. It sounds like a question “How is your achievement in sport” from an ill athlete.

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2 Responses to PM S.Bayar: Due to crisis, many planned works have become impossible

  1. Barry says:

    The need for roads in the South Gobi region will not become critical for several more years. There are no agreements as yet for mine production from either TT or OT, and there doesn’t like there will be any for several years.
    In that time Mongolia could build the railroads and paved roads that will be needed in the area.
    Problem, a BIG problem, MONEY. Mongolia has none to spend.

  2. Barry says:

    SGK and MPs want the Mining companies in the South Gobi region to foot the bill for roads and railroads and other infrastructure.
    Yet they will not approve a mining agreement so that these projects can move forward.
    Only a few days remain in this session of the SGK.
    More delays,,,,,,,2 more years?
    Economy failing, loan payments will come due with no way to pay them. “B”

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