MP Ch.Khurelbaatar: The State Great Khural is not the collection of fools

Apr 19 • Government • 620 Views • 3 Comments on MP Ch.Khurelbaatar: The State Great Khural is not the collection of fools

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MP Ch.Khurelbaatar was the adviser to Prime Minsiter of Mongolia, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Minister for Fuel and Energy. He is now member of Parliament.

Q: Copper price is increased by 1000 US$ than predicted. There is a hope. But not much income is collected to the budget. When the budget will be rich?

MP Ch.Khurelbaatar: Recently, copper price reached up to 4000 US$ per ton. But it is bit early to receive its benefit. It is unclear in the future. Q: What is your opinion regarding the economy recession?

MP Ch.Khurelbaatar: I have no optimistic approach. According to World Bank and IMF study, world economy will contract by 0.5%. But it is already 2.0% now. If we consider this development, I have no clue to predict brighter future.

Q: Oyu Tolgoi’s draft agreement fell at the State Great Khural. The Government of Mongolia proposed twice the draft agreement. What would you say?

MP Ch.Khurelbaatar: OT issue is not economy issue anymore, it is political now. There some people who would like to play on it. I agree that there are some issues to check, amend or correct. But it fails when it is about to be discussed by the State Great Khural.

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3 Responses to MP Ch.Khurelbaatar: The State Great Khural is not the collection of fools

  1. Steve says:

    If OT is no longer about economics and is now about politics…what are the political problems?

  2. Barry says:

    Good question Steve.
    Has the Oyu Tolgoi mining agreement now just a case of a minority party flexing thier political muscles. Elections are coming in the near future, is this the time or the issue to flex political power.
    Crippling the economy further in the name of politics?
    What are the points that are in contention?
    Going on five years and the MPs still do not have enough information to make a decision?
    This project may never produce gold or copper.


  3. eaaa says:

    Mongolians should riot for having a government that fails to act. Unless the people are content with no progress, which appears to be the case.

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